Just a note of THANKS to evey one of your! I'm 87 years old - and a servant of the oxygen tanks and walkers, canes etc. I HONESTLY wish I could send a bigger check to you three men! you three are great examples of what Americans are supposed to be!!!
I've been aware of the progress you have made since I benefitted from your license plate reduction!! HATS OFF!!! I admire your 'CAN DO' attitude and determination! / GraceM

I strongly support Save the 2/3's drive and will get as many signatures as I can. There is another issue that has become important to me since I retired. That is the significant increase in property taxes even though the appraised value has dropped signaficantly. Would you consider another initiative like California's Propsition 8 that slowed the growth of property taxes there? I am sure you would get much support for a similar measure here. / RayV

I agree, state polititions need to be leashed. I am 75 years old and have seen this get worse with time.
If they can tax and fees us without constraint every 3rd year, in the long fun they get what THEY want. Then they wipe out the savings of 2 years under and initiative. That's pointless!
The limits on their spending MUST be made permanent! / KenJ

Thanks for all you guys have done over the years. /JH

I appreciate the work you do to get this State straightened out. Its always - help the children - help the fireman - help the policeman. Get the tax increase petition erased so the air-headed congress can have fun spending the Tax payers money....Thank you whole bunches for all you are doing - and I trust you have the determination to carry on!!! /GM

Keep up the good work. /Laurth

Thanks so much for everything you do. You're appreciated more than you know. /Carolyn

Just want to thank you for your efforts to keep the light on the problem. Please don't ever give up! /Larry

Don't give up, you have been a rremendous voice of reason. These idiots we elect have become royalty who believe they know better than us what we want. Thank you so very much. If you need help in the future. Please let me know.
Don't let anyone tell you your efforts are not appreciated. /DP

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